Welcome Robot


A Welcome Robot can be the ideal first line for any activity. It can take care of the initial welcome of the customer, manage operations such as self check-in, reservations or orders, or provide information and consultancy. A Welcome Robot is able to accurately answer customers' questions, accompanying them throughout their experience within the business.

  • Initial customer welcome and info point
  • Human machine interaction with voice system and display
  • Long battery life and automatic charging
  • Autonomous movement and obstacle detection
  • Ability to interact with the products and services offered
  • Attractive design and valid marketing tool

The robot is available in different models and configurations


A Welcome Robot can activate itself and take the initiative to welcome new patrons when they pass by it.

It can give a personalized welcome speech, thanks to the intelligent facial recognition system, and receive guests by reproducing gestures or viewing images and videos on its display.

The self-developed open domain question and answer system supports custom corpuses. Thanks to it, the Welcome Robot intelligently acquires and recognizes the key words of customers' questions, providing accurate and interesting answers.

Truly independent welcome

Not only self-activation, but above all artificial intelligence and advanced sensors, allow these robots to be completely autonomous.


A Welcome Robot, in fact, moves autonomously in the spaces mapped during installation and is able to avoid obstacles and calculate the best route to reach a point.


Furthermore, its long-lasting battery allows it to operate on duty shifts of even more than 8 hours and, when it detects a low charge level, the robot automatically returns to the charging base.

One robot, many services

Through the different features that can be implemented in its software, a Welcome Robot can integrate the management of different services for customers of various businesses.

It can, for example: provide check-in procedures; provide information about products and services; verify and manage reservations; accompany you to tables; play advertising audio and video.

A perfect ally for marketing

The mere presence of a Welcome Robot can arouse the curiosity of new customers, attracted to enter a place or structure to test its potential.

Sponsoring its presence through social channels guarantees a great return in advertising terms, because it demonstrates the smart character of the business and demonstrates the possibility for customers to be pampered by a modern and technological service.

If this is not enough, the robot can be set to proceed, when at rest, to automatically scroll through the advertising and marketing interface, to improve the image of the company brand and facilitate its advertising and promotion.

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