The new trend of Waiter Robots – TOD System opens to the market (VIDEO)

Robot Waiters are the future of catering, and they are already here

They come from Asia and are conquering restaurateurs all over the world for their ability to be functional and attractive at the same time.

The Robot Waiters, in fact, not only move independently in the rooms in which they "work", they create, by themselves, one more reason toattractiveness, bringing new customers intrigued by the innovation.

Their pace is still slow but unstoppable.

The greatest diffusion of robot waiters currently occurs obviously in Asia, where most of them are produced. Even in the USAHowever, many large companies are adapting to the request and starting to design them.

It is therefore no coincidence that their use is starting to begin in the States too spread like wildfire.

In EuropeOn the other hand, many restaurants are slowly starting to appear among the tables, such as in Spain, the location of the use case we are showing.

As regards theItalyfinally, the market is in its embryonic state and there are still few restaurants that choose to focus on this technology. But pay attention to this fact.

In fact, the few places that have already chosen to "hire" robot waiters have no choice but to make news and arouse a lot of curiosity.

TOD System opens to the Waiter Robot market

For all these reasons, in TOD System, we have also chosen to focus on this extraordinary technological innovation for the food sector Food&Beverage, creating Robot Waiters that can become an additional weapon for restaurateurs who choose to rely on us.

To find out more about how Robot Waiters work, and what the advantages could be for restaurant businesses, we invite you to read our dedicated article.

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