todrobot TR1: the complete and versatile solution for Industry 5.0

todrobot TR1 it is the definitive solution for every business need, configurable to carry out the most disparate tasks. 

Thanks to his versatility and the possibility of assembling the most suitable components for every need, todrobot TR1 has the right tool for every occasion.

Our idea of collaborative robotics

todrobot TR1 is designed to provide the answer to every operational need, consolidating itself as a indispensable partner to free human employees from repetitive, heavy, dangerous or requiring higher execution precision.

Our idea is to provide a unique tool capable of fulfilling many functions, with full respect for human work. In short, in full line with the principles enunciated by the new paradigm ofIndustry 5.0.

In TOD SystemIn fact, we have developed a Cobots completely customizable, small in size and easy to reprogram and reposition in even small company spaces.

We use the best technologies on the market to guarantee our customers the possibility of adapting todbot TR1 to their operational needs.

Any examples?

Our collaborative robot can be used for operations such as:

  • Pick & place;
  • Assembly;
  • Packaging;
  • Palletizing;
  • Painting;
  • Injection molding;
  • Quality check;
  • Polishing;
  • Screwing;
  • Laboratory analyzes and tests;
  • Bonding, dispensing and welding;
  • and so on…

If there is a tool to do this, todrobot TR1 He can do it.

There is no limit to applications

The great versatility of todrobot TR1 is guaranteed by a software of management capable of integrating the Cobots in every industrial context and to coordinate the most advanced technologies for carrying out its activities.

todrobot TR1, in fact, can be equipped with robotic arms different for every need, like those of our partner UniversalRobot, which provides products with unique and perfect technical characteristics for every need.

Our solution, for example, mounts the robotic arms of the following series: UR3e; UR5e; UR10e Ur16e.

Each of these has different dimensions, weight, payload and ranges.

Reach500 mm / 19.7 ins850 mm / 33.5 ins1300 mm / 51.2 ins900 mm / 35.4 ins
Payloads3kg / 6.6lbs5kg / 11lbs12.5 kg / 27.55 lbs16 kg / 35.3 lbs
Dimensions at the baseØ 128 mmØ 149 mmØ 190 mmØ 190 mm
Weight11.2kg / 24.7lbs20.6 kg / 45.4 lbs33.5 kg / 73.9 lbs33.1 kg / 73 lbs

The same thing goes for interchangeable tools.

todrobot TR1, based on the task to which it will be assigned from time to time, can be equipped with pliers and tools of every kind.

Furthermore, thanks to its software, todrobot TR1 he's able to replace the tool yourself with which he is equipped, making himself capable of performing also complex and complex operations in the same place and at the same time of operation.

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