Success at the Pitching Competition of The AI Summit London, TOD System in the top 5 with todrobot TR1

It's a great success TOD System at the Pitching Competition of The AI Summit London, the prestigious annual conference on Artificial Intelligence which was held on 14 and 15 June in the capital of England and the United Kingdom, at the famous location of Tobacco Dock, where the potential and technology that characterize our collaborative robotic machine were presented todrobot TR1.

Very positive evaluations were received especially regarding the use of Artificial Intelligence to develop an innovative solution in line with the new paradigm of Industry 5.0 (human-centric, sustainability, resilience). 

All aspects that were worth the pitch dedicated to todrobot TR1 il positioning in the Top 5 of the competition.

What is the AI Accelerator Hub

AI Accelerator Hub is a Shark Tank-style event programmed by The AI Summit London, which is an incubation and pitching experience dedicated to start-ups focused on TO THE And Machine Learning.

The initial phase of the competition was attended by just under 50 start-ups who, during Day 2 of the AI Summit presented their business or business idea to a jury of experts made up of investors, business leaders and industry influencers. 

The winners were announced on the same day and, with great pride, the pitch dedicated to ours todrobot TR1 achieved positioning in the Top 5.

What impressed you about todrobot TR1

Our solution todrobot TR1 positively amazed the AI Accelerator Hub jury thanks to the technological concept behind our solution collaborative robotics and, above all, for the sophisticated application of Artificial Intelligence in Visual Detection for "picking" in the field of industrial logistics and intralogistics.

The TR1, in fact, boasts one smart gripper driven by our revolutionary 3D vision system, capable of processing images directly on board thanks to a convolutional neural network CNN.  

A visual detection solution that aims to ensure ever greater accuracy in the recognition of packages and objects with which the machine must interact.

This makes it todrobot TR1 truly autonomous and smart, giving it greater speed, precision and safety in carrying out tasks.

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