We design and create flexible and customizable collaborative robotics solutions, to be able to operate in every industrial context and on every task of the production lines. Our mission is to automate any activity, providing industries with tools capable of maximizing results, reducing costs and risks to the safety of human operators and responding to the problem of staff shortages.

Our solutions are therefore designed to consolidate themselves as perfectly integrated tools that are essential competitive advantages to compete in the global market.


Automating assembly processes is essential to achieve precision, reduce execution times and reduce costs in operations such as screwing, fixing and inserting parts. Our robotic solutions, thanks to intuitive and customizable software, can respond to all operational needs and also guarantee maximum safety in the workplace, with a consequent reduction in accidents at work.

Machine tending

Our collaborative robotics solutions relieve human operators in charge of machine tending from all those repetitive and tiring jobs that increase the risk of accidents at work. Collaborative robots significantly improve process times and quality. Companies that choose to rely on our solutions obtain an extremely flexible tool, capable of quickly adapting production lines to new products, with a return on investment already in the short term.


Collaborative robots are perfectly suited to gluing, sealing, painting and any other activity that includes dispensing. Relying on our solutions means increasing the flexibility and efficiency of these operations, reducing execution times and risks of injury for human operators on dangerous tasks. Once each activity is completed, the robots can then easily be moved and reassigned to another production area.

Surface finish

Collaborative robots guarantee precision in all those operations that require force regulation and a sometimes delicate touch. This is the case for special finishing operations such as polishing, sanding and sandblasting. Our solutions are able to guarantee precision even on curved and irregular surfaces, while improving workplace safety and relieving human operators from repetitive and dangerous tasks.


The context of goods handling is broad and includes a series of extremely repetitive and, in some cases, even heavy and dangerous operations. This is why our collaborative robotics solutions are designed to carry out these tasks, relieving the burden on human operators and guaranteeing maximum precision, greater speed and great flexibility in their execution. From pick & place to packaging, from palletizing to picking from the bin to labelling, and beyond.


Collaborative robots are capable of carrying out and managing welding operations of all kinds: arc, laser, ultrasonic, brazing, TIG, MIG, plasma and spot. Our solutions increase the flexibility, efficiency and versatility of these processes, ensuring the ability to manage and optimize higher workflows. Furthermore, by relieving human operators from these often dangerous operations, they improve workplace safety.


We study definitive solutions for every business need. Configurable to carry out the most disparate tasks. Thanks to the versatility and the possibility of assembling the most suitable components for every need, our collaborative robotics solutions can be customized and adapted to carry out any task in production flows. The great versatility is guaranteed by management software capable of integrating our solutions in every industrial context and coordinating the most advanced technologies for carrying out activities.