TOD System: Innovation in the Integration of Collaborative Robotic Solutions and Industrial IoT

TOD System is destined to develop the frontier of the "innovative service" within the logistics and industrial automation sector. It offers an entire package of integrated services to ensure reliability over time and operational safety.

Technical Consulting

Our team supports you in the realization of your project, from the verification and recognition of the collaborative and non-collaborative application, to team training and technical assistance.

Technical assistance

Our consultancy accompanies company management at all levels: from support in defining development strategies, to the implementation, including operational, of new management systems.

Technical training

We work to develop skills in your company, and we work with the main inter-professional funds to plan, coordinate and manage the bureaucratic and operational procedures of the actions.


Collaborative robotic programming is an approach to robotics that allows robots to work side-by-side with humans in shared environments, without the need for physical or safety barriers. These collaborative robots are designed to interact safely with people, adapting their behavior and speed in response to the proximity of human operators. Collaborative robotic programming often relies on advanced sensor, computer vision, and intelligent control technologies to enable safe and effective cooperation between robots and human operators.