MiR Hook 100TM


Increase the efficiency of your internal transportation tasks by relying on a MiR100 Hook mobile robot with increased payload. The MiR100 Hook is an intuitive and efficient mobile robot for fully automated picking and towing of trolleys in manufacturing, logistics and healthcare environments.


Ideal for various towing activities

The MiR Hook 100 TM is ideal for many towing tasks, such as efficiently transferring heavy products between different areas of the factory or warehouse, or moving linen and food trolleys in hospitals. The MiR100 Hook can carry loads of up to 300 kg (661 lb), offering interesting new internal logistics possibilities for heavy or bulky loads.

Pick up and drop off carts independently

The MiR100 Hook robot recognizes carts through QR codes and transports them autonomously according to the program. The MiR Hook 100 TM can be integrated into a fleet of MiR robots and can be easily adapted for various needs. The robot's mission is easily updated at any time by using a smartphone, tablet or computer and using a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection to access the robot's intuitive controls.

Safe maneuvers, between people

With the MiR Hook 100 TM, you simply measure the trolley and enter the data into the software. With integrated sensors, cameras and sophisticated software, the MiR100 Hook robot and cart move safely, avoiding people and obstacles and even climbing ramps.


Device typeMobile Industrial Robot
Product categoryAutonomous Mobile Robot
Warranty1 standard year
Towing capacityUp to 300kg
Full speedForward: 1.5 m/s (5.4 km/h)