MiR 1000

The MiR1000 is designed to automate and optimize the internal transport of heavy loads and pallets. With a capacity of 1,000 kg, it is the most powerful of MiR's robots and is capable of transporting heavy loads without external safety measures even in particularly busy environments.


Safe and efficient movements to optimize logistics

The MiR1000 is collaborative and autonomous: it safely bypasses any type of obstacle. For example, if it detects a person in front of it, it activates the emergency stop. The advanced technology and sophisticated software allow the robot to move autonomously and choose the best route to reach the destination. When it encounters an obstacle it automatically bypasses it and is able to recalculate the route to avoid interrupting or delaying the delivery of materials.

The MiR1000 uses the most modern laser scanning technology, with a 360-degree view for maximum safety. With 3D cameras that detect everything between 30 and 2,000 mm above ground level and two sensors at each corner, this robot detects pallets and other obstacles that are normally difficult for others to detect robot.

Automated pallet transport

The MiR1000 can be used in conjunction with MiR's Pallet Lift modules to automatically pick, transport and deliver pallets. This collaborative robot therefore represents a safe alternative to traditional pallet trucks and forklifts, which many companies would like to eliminate from the production environment because they often pose safety risks. At the same time, unlike traditional elevators, the MiR1000 does not require the control of an operator, therefore it optimizes the transport of pallets, freeing up employees who can dedicate themselves to more profitable activities.

Flexibility and ease of use, for a greater number of applications

The intuitive MiR1000 allows the operator to immediately become familiar with all functions. The MiR1000 is controlled via smartphone, tablet or computer using the intuitive MiR Robot interface and its programming requires no previous experience. It can be integrated into ERP systems to create fully automated solutions. It can also be placed in the MiR Fleet, together with other MiR models, to control several robots in the same fleet.

Depending on your needs, you can easily replace the upper modules of the MiR1000 with pallet lifts, conveyor belts, robot arms or other tools.

A robust robot for the industrial sector

The MiR1000 complies with EN/ISO 13489 standards and meets electromagnetic compatibility requirements for use in industrial environments and light industrial environments. Robust, the MiR1000 is designed for use in an industrial environment: the resistant external casing can withstand any drops of the load.

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