MiR 100

The MiR100 is a safe and economical mobile robot that quickly automates transport and logistics within the company. It optimizes workflows by freeing up resources among staff, thus helping to increase productivity and reduce costs.


Automate your transportation tasks and focus on profitable operations

A new generation of autonomous mobile robots is changing the way companies move materials in their facilities and it is the MiR100 to drive change. Thanks to extraordinary flexibility and intelligent technology, the MiR100 it can be used in any situation that requires employees to dedicate their time to carrying out logistics handling operations such as moving carts or delivering materials. Now these activities can be automated, so employees can focus on higher value-added tasks that translate into more profitable activities for the company itself.

High flexibility

The MiR100 it is extremely flexible and is able to independently transport loads of up to 100Kg (220 lb). It allows you to install customized upper modules such as: roller conveyors, belts, lifting systems, systems for the automatic coupling of trolleys or collaborative robotic arms. The robot can be included in the MiRFleet fleet, together with other MiR robot models.

Safe maneuvers and simple programming

The MiR100Thanks to the sensors on board, it safely avoids people and obstacles. It is possible to download the digital floor plans of the building directly onto the robot or it is possible to program it with the intuitive web based graphic interface which does not require any programming experience to be used. The robot's mission can be easily adapted using a smartphone, a tablet, a computer or more generally any device connected to the network. Thanks to its features, the MiR100 it can automatically control the opening and closing of doors and is also able to automatically enter and exit an elevator by controlling its operation.

No structural changes

Thanks to integrated sensors, as well as sophisticated software, the MiR100 It recognizes the environment it finds itself in and chooses the most efficient route, safely avoiding obstacles and people. All this is possible without the need to make changes to the company infrastructure such as the installation of magnetic stripes or reflective paper sensors which, in addition to having a high cost, constitute enormous rigidity and make any future changes impossible. The MiR100 can be easily integrated into the company's ERP system. The robot therefore offers a rapid payback on investment, estimated at approximately one year.

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