todrobot TR1 presented at Tecna 2022

todrobot TR1 presented at Tecna 2022

Fifteen minutes to amaze the world of logistics 4.0. 

On the stage of the Tecna 2022 Future Lab it's our turn and the todrobot TR1, the home Cobot TOD System equipped with AI and 3D viewer integrated into the mechanical arm.

Todrobot TR1 arrives at the great biennial trade fair event in Rimini, for which we were selected to participate by the national agency ICE.

September 28th at 2pm, moment of the presentation of our revolutionary Cobot, the result of the experience as a System Integrator and of the research in the AI field conducted busily by TOD System to respond to the logistical needs of industries 4.0.

Tecna, we remember, offers at each of its appointments the best of aesthetic and process innovation in relation to the surface supplies sector, granting large exhibition space to startups such as TOD System.

Let's talk about the Tecna Future Lab and its Startup area. A space reserved for the valorisation of the latest innovations in the field of Industry 4.0 with a focus on digitalisation, logistics and green solutions for the manufacturing industry.

Right here, in pavilion D5 of the Rimini Expo Centre, again thanks to the fundamental contribution of ICE, the presentation of todrobot TR1 to companies, investors and visitors takes place.

The Todrobot TR1 revolution.

todrobot (2)

Many problems and one solution. The revolutionary Cobot from TOD System takes to the field to remedy the operational gaps that arise in warehouses, not yet automated, during the movement of goods.

Increasing requests for orders, difficulties in finding labor for non-stop work shifts and ergonomic deficiencies. These are just some of the questions that our todrobot TR1 can answer.

The use of autonomous machines such as todrobot TR1 guarantees efficiency to meet market needs but also low costs, speed and simplicity of implementation, thanks to its character as a ready-to-use machine, without inconvenient and often imposing dedicated structures.

The real revolution lies in the 3D viewer, integrated into the vacuum gripper of the TR1 todrobot, which processes the images thanks to artificial intelligence directly on the machine, for greater speed and safety!

An innovation which, from the pure System Integrator soul of TOD System, therefore aims to definitively change the world of Collaborative Robots for the better.

Compared to other Cobots, therefore, todrobot TR1, thanks to its 3D viewer, is able to "understand" what it is grasping, consequently making assessments that it is impossible to ask of robots without it. An indispensable operational advantage.

Some technical features

tr1 series

At the basis of the design of the todrobot TR1 there are first and foremost safety and cybersecurity.
The TOD System Cobot is in fact completely autonomous and equipped with On-Board Artificial Intelligence, capable of autonomously recognizing objects and depths, with latest generation vacuum grippers guided by our revolutionary vision system.

Giving strength to our TR1 is a 1,300 mm mechanical arm, with a capacity of up to 12.5kg and mounted on a small mobot (80x65cm) but with a capacity of up to 250kg. The structure of the basket, for storing and transporting goods, is also removable and extremely resistant.

The onboard software then resides on a secure and fast Edge Server. The data, being directly on the Cobot itself, is processed locally.

To recharge the TR1 todrobot, simply reach the HMI Totem equipped with an integrated LCD touch screen display for total operational management.

The latter, and it is extremely relevant, uses an intelligent WMS, highly customizable according to different business needs.

TR1 and the reference market

The TR1 todrobot fits into a global market for industrial robots that will reach $86.6 billion by 2030.

This is dictated by an ever-increasing demand, the result of the e-commerce boom, following which the number of warehouses worldwide is expected to reach 180,000 by 2025.

Currently, however, the data collected in the market research report by Next Move Strategy Consulting, and relating to 2021, speak of a value of the global industrial robot market estimated at approximately 32.2 billion dollars.

TOD System's business model, which works on the basis of a margin of 30% compared to production costs, therefore envisages reaching 500 million dollars by 2030, with over 3,000 mobots sold and with a profit of 150 million dollars.

A large slice of the market share that will be available will be 3%, starting from the creation of a roadmap that started in 2020.

From the marketing of the TR1 in 2022, we will move on to the presentation of the Custom Mobot TR2 by 2024, and until 2026 when we plan to launch the Humanoid Robots of the TR3 series on the market. 

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