TOD System participates in Tecna 2022


From 27 to 30 September you can find us in Rimini in the pavilions of Tecna 2022. TOD System will in fact be present at the 27th International Exhibition of Technologies and Supplies for Surfaces which, every two years, offers the best of aesthetic and process innovation for the sector, hosting all the major companies and attracting a large number of international buyers.

Digitalisation, raw materials, decoration, finishing, logistics and transport, and green solutions are Tecna's seven main focuses for the future of the supply chain world level.

TOD System, as the Startup winner of the selection of ICE – the Agency for the promotion abroad and the internationalization of Italian companies – will be present in the stand of the thematic route Future Lab that Tecna reserves for the valorization of the latest innovations in the field of Industry 4.0 with a focus on digitalisation, logistics and green solutions for the manufacturing industry.

Save the appointment. We are waiting for you inside pavilion D5 of the Rimini Expo Centre, inStart-up area of the Tecna Future Lab.

TOD System's contribution to Tecna 2022 - word from the CEO

The participation of our Startup in the great trade fair event, of global caliber, which will be held in Emilia Romanga, in Rimini, could only be welcomed with pride and enthusiasm by the CEO of TOD System, Riccardo Virtuoso.

«We are very satisfied to have been admitted to the Tecna 2022 Future Lab» – began the CEO of TOD System –.

«A result that is also the result of a partnership with ICE, which has already begun with Noitech for the MCE Expocomfrot 2022 fair in Milan. We are happy to have been admitted to Tecna with TOD System, a spin-off of Noitech, to exhibit our solutions at the fair for warehouse logistics and the innovation resulting from our robots, on which we have installed a visor patented by us equipped with Artificial Intelligence. We are talking about advanced collaborative robots, capable of satisfying payload needs exceeding 12 kg, a fundamental characteristic, for example, for companies present at Tecna 2022».

From the experience of System Integrator, inherent in the DNA of TOD System and Noitech, nothing other than solutions capable of complete the systems of robots by evolving them.

In fact, a good System Integrator analyzes every element of the system, looking for critical issues to eliminate, designing and implementing improvements that can be made to the robotic machines, to make them increasingly efficient and "competent" for the tasks called upon to perform.

Compared to other Cobots, therefore, the innovation that we have studied and created lies in the 3D viewer, through which the robotic machine is able to "understand" what it is grasping, consequently making assessments that it is impossible to ask of robots without it. An indispensable operational advantage, as is easy to understand. Then combined with the integrated mobot, we have a self-propelled cobot that understands what it does and where it does it, but above all what it operates on.

«The specific advantage - Riccardo Virtuoso added - is that the visor will greatly facilitate the interaction of the robotic machine with the human operator and the operating space, bringing a great advantage to the discernment of the goods to be handled, something not to be underestimated as the Most robots, without 3D viewers capable of identifying goods, stop in the event of positioning errors or anomalies in the packaging, wasting time. In our case, with the 3D viewer, the robot is aware of the depth and spatiality of the object to be picked up, possibly adapting its movement to the detected situation. In this way, times and costs decrease while, on the other hand, the company profit resulting from efficient 24-hour operations increases, also producing an increase in terms of output of work performed»

Tecna 2022 and its Future Lab

Tecna – How to make it is the biennial fair that represents the global reference for innovation and technology in the surface manufacturing sector, thanks to the presence of 40% of exhibitors and 50% of international visitors.

Tecna was born as a meeting point for companies that revolve around the world of production and distribution of all types of surfaces and materials, but not only.

In fact, with three thematic paths, Tecna provides a 360° vision of the technological development of the sector, in all its operational aspects.

  • Finishing: it is the first of the three thematic itineraries present at the fair and focuses on the development of product and surface finishing technologies, equipment and chemical products. Any practice useful for increasing the aesthetic value of the final product.
  • Decortech: it is the thematic path dedicated to the know-how of companies involved in the development of raw materials and technologies dedicated to the aesthetic quality of the product. Aesthetics and design are therefore at the center of Decortech.
  • Future Lab: it is instead the thematic path dedicated to Startups and Industry 4.0, ed this is where you will find us with the TOD System stand, within a space dedicated to digitalisation, green solutions and logistics. And it is here that we will present to you, on September 28th at 2.00 pm, todrobot TR1 in a 15 minute speech granted by ICE! Do not miss!

The Format of the Tecna Future Lab includes 3 souls:

  • Arena Innovation: the place where new solutions in the field of Industry 4.0 can be showcased. In this area, companies will be able to present their best practices of technological and digital innovation applied to industry.
  • Future Arena: the training space of the thematic route, dedicated to information, updating and innovation through the holding of technical workshops of partner associations, insights from exhibiting companies and institutional events;
  • Startup Area: born with the support of ICE - thanks to which TOD System secured a place at Tecna 2022 - it is a space dedicated to Italian and international startups. The watchword is innovation. The startups present offer services and/or products related to the world of digitalisation, raw materials, decoration, finishing, handling and packaging, logistics and transport, and green solutions for industry.

To understand Tecna's numbers, just think that in the 2018 edition it hosted 433 exhibiting companies from 25 different countries, 40% of which were foreign, and recorded 34,693 presences from over 100 countries.

Thanks also to these numbers, Tecna can ultimately be considered a truly global platform for business all over the world, participated by selected top buyers mainly coming from Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the Mediterranean Area, Europe, Latin America.

The latter will have the opportunity to participate in one-to-one meetings with exhibitors thanks to an innovative business platform that connects supply and demand.

We are waiting for you inside pavilion D5 of the Rimini Expo Centre, inStart-up area of the Tecna Future Lab. Don't forget the presentation of todrobot TR1 on September 28th at 2pm!

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