Automatic warehouses and environmental enrichment. Traditional robotics Vs todrobot TR1

Traditional Robotics Vs todrobot TR1_

There has been a step from traditional warehouses to semi-automatic or fully automated ones

The acceleration, especially in recent years, has been given by the rapid consolidation of a new
market paradigm, based on increasingly unpredictable demands and the need to satisfy them
in reduced times.

A market that has pushed companies to align themselves with the principles of Industry 4.0, implementing the digital transformation of its production cycles, with great attention to warehouse logistics.

Upheaval, however, is not always synonymous with efficiency.

Automating to improve efficiency means, rather, redesigning and investing in new ones
technologies, carefully evaluating them solutions best suited to your needs.

In the next lines we will explain why, and in which cases, collaborative robotics and cobots like
our todrobot TR1 may represent the best solution.

Warehouses and robotics

One of the environments most affected by the digital transformation of production cycles is the warehouse. This is above all the result of the growth of online purchases, which have effectively redesigned the supply chain of consumer products.

Agility and reactivity of the warehouse become increasingly fundamental factors in the competition
of multi-channel shopping and, from here, the search for increasingly effective solutions. The transition is from a warehouse based on predominantly manual work to environments designed for the use of robot and mechanical systems.

The ultimate objective is to create an environment in perfect synchrony, from the reception of the goods
up to shipment to the final customer, passing through the picking, quality control and

Traditional robotics Vs todrobot TR1: Environmental enrichment.

The creation of an environment equipped with the functions just described first requires one
design choice.

There traditional robotics provides the first tools for the creation of this environment, such as the
automatic vertical warehouse logistics solution.

However, designing an automatic warehouse is not simple and, above all, its structure is not easy to modify over time and requires notable environmental enrichment.

An automatic warehouse, therefore, requires a considerable initial investment and, in
In many cases, it is not possible to implement such systems within the limited spaces of some

Traditional robotics also entails other negative values. First of all, one imperfect integration
with human labor

Static in their position and tasks, in fact, traditional robots act mechanically
narrowing the field of possible interactions with human operators.

Nonetheless, given their specific technical peculiarities, they require careful precautions regarding safety of the workers who activate them or who work even nearby.

Another big flaw is, as mentioned, the static nature of the operations that traditional robots can
complete, to which is added planning that requires a lot of time and a high level of specialization.

Finally, let's return to the issue of size.

A warehouse based on traditional robotics is characterized by the collateral need for
large plants, power systems and security fences.

The risk, added to the already large dimensions of the machines, is of being forced into a real e
own environmental saturation, rather than simple enrichment.

The todrobot TR1, created by TOD System, represents the ideal solution in this sense.
todrobot TR1 is the collaborative robot that can automate your warehouse bypassing the
need for environmental enrichment of traditional robotics

This is thanks to: small dimensions, perfect autonomy of movement and great flexibility

In fact, Todrobot TR1 lends itself to accomplishing this task different actions and tasks, thanks to the possibility of
be reprogrammed easily and without requiring the intervention of specialists.

Thanks to its intelligent optical system (3D viewer with AI), todrobot TR1 is also capable of
detect the position of targets and interact perfectly with the surrounding environment and with the
human work.

These characteristics therefore allow its own perfect integration with any production line. All without any further environmental enrichment.

Todrobot TR1, for charging, only needs its battery HMI totem, equipped with LCD display
integrated touch screen.

Right from the same HMI Totem, it is finally possible to manage todrobot TR1 thanks to its smart
. A completely software customizable based on different business needs.

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