Universal Robot UR 3

Universal Robots UR-3 Series, small, high-performance, perfect for automating screwing, assembly, polishing and gluing applications. The bench companion for every manufacturing activity

  • Range of Action 500mm
  • Payload 3kg
  • Controller: CB3/CB5 & 12″ Polyscope Control Panel


The UR3 model is characterized by a payload of 3 kg and a reach with a radius of 500 mm. The arm has the characteristic of being able to easily carry out light assembly tasks and jobs that require absolute precision, thanks to the 360° rotation on all joints and infinite rotation on the sixth axis. Safe, precise: UR3 is an ideal companion for tabletop work.

Technical data

  • Range of Action: 500mm
  • Payload: 3kg
  • Positioning Accuracy: +/- 0.1mm | +/- 0.03mm
  • Travel Speed: Up to 1m/s
  • Controller: CB3/CB5 & 12″ Polyscope Control Panel
  • Average power consumption 100/125W

Safe and precise, perfect for multiple applications

The UR3 robot is smaller and lighter than its predecessors, and fully meets ISO certifications for working in an unprotected environment: it is equipped with a force sensor that can be set to stop when it encounters a force of just 50 Newtons.

Simplified programming

Programming is simple and intuitive: simply move the robot arm so that it memorizes the movements and is able to replicate them. Furthermore, based on mechanical "sensitivity", UR3 is able to follow the contour of even a small surface (such as the aluminum edge of a smartphone): the laborious precise programming of movements and coordinates is therefore no longer necessary.

Minimal and fast maintenance

The modular design of the UR3 allows you to change the joints in just 30 minutes, and spare parts are delivered within 24 hours of request to minimize the time and cost of machine downtime.