MiR Eu Pallet Lift 1000

The MiR EU Pallet Lift 1000 TM allows the MiR1000 to load and unload pallets autonomously


The MiR EU Pallet Lift 1000 TM handles and transports your pallets with guaranteed stability. It allows the MiR1000 to lift pallets autonomously from the MiR EU Pallet Rack and then lower them and transport, in complete stability, loads up to 1000kg.

Optimize pallet transportation without having to change your plant configuration

With the MiR EU Pallet Lift 1000 TM, the MiR1000 loads, transports and unloads pallets autonomously, freeing up employees to focus on higher-value tasks. The MiR1000 has a speed of 1.2 meters per second, for extremely efficient transport times. With the MiR1000, there is no need to change the factory setup, since the function of cables, magnets and QR codes is replaced by sophisticated navigation software. Simply download the plant's CAD files into the robot, or use its laser scanners to create a map of it. That's all you need to ensure fast and efficient implementation.

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